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I am a 4th year undergraduate at the University of Rochester, majoring in Brain and Cognitive Sciences, Linguistics, and Statistics, and minoring in Computer Science. I plan on pursuing a Ph.D. in cognitive psychology in the Fall of 2018. My main research interests include producing computational models and conducting behavioral experiments in order to examine the human mind's implicit knowledge of uncertainty in its environment, and its effects on the interface between learning, language, and cognition.

I am currently working with Steven Piantadosi (colala) on my honors thesis examining the composition of rule- and similarity-based representational systems in learning novel concepts.

Other recent research projects include:
(1) Generalization of accent adaptation with Florian Jaeger (HLP Lab), for which I presented a poster at AMLaP this past September
(2) This past summer's Stanford CSLI Summer Internship research on generics in social learning with M.H. Tessler and Noah Goodman (CoCoLab)